Saturday, August 29, 2009

Tari Rejang Dewa

Tari Rejang Dewa / Rejang Dewa dance is a symbol of welcome Hyang Widhi Waca and the gods of heaven to the world. Rejang Dance This is a Sacred Religious dance may not be so disembarang place, are only allowed in the holy temple area.

Tari Legong Lasem

Tari Legong Lasem / Legong Lasem Dance is a Beautiful Dance which is more often danced by Three Balinese Girls.

Tari Legong Keraton

Tari Legong Keraton / Legong Keraton Dance is Balinese Dance which is danced by three beautiful girl dancers. This dance constitutes one of many kinds of Legong Dance work result of Balinese artist.

Tari Oleg Tambulilingan

Oleg can mean graceful movement, while the mean tambulilingan nectar-sucking bugs. Tari Oleg Tambulilingan movements describe a beetle, which was playing around and entirely mixed-romance with a flower in a garden. This dance is very beautiful.

Tari Oleg Tambulilingan, which was originally called Tambulilingan Mangisep Sari, a creation I Ketut Mario of Tabanan in 1952.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tari Panyembrama

Tari Panyembrama / Panyembrama dance is a welcoming dance, where dance movement of Panyembrama is described sociability and respect. Shale-sprinkled pieces of flowers before the guests are describing the welcome expression.

This below is the picture of a group of children and adolescents are learning the Panyembrama dances.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wayang Wong

Wayang Wong Parwa

Wayang Wong Ramayana

Tari Calonarang

Tari Calonarang or Calonarang Dance is Cultural Balinese Dance.

Tari Sanghyang

Tari Sanghyang Dedari or Sanghyang Dedari Dance.

Tari Sanghyang Jaran or Sanghyang Jaran Dance.

Wayang Lemah atau Wayang Gedog

Wayang Lemah atau Wayang Gedog is Balinese Cultural.

Tari Baris Sakral

Tari Baris Dadap / Baris Dadap Dance.

Tari Baris Jojor / Baris Jojor Dance.

Tari Baris Gede / Baris Gede Dance.

Tari Pendet or Pendet Dance

Tari Pendet or Pendet Dance is constituting the one of many dances which as the original Cultural Heritage of Balinese, Indonesia.