Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boys Just Wanna Craft Fun!

Okay I am sure some of you women have men in your lives that like to craft stuff.  My brother can craft, my hubby not so much!  (he is artistic and has ability but "crafting" no)While we were making our 
Christmas countdown clipboards Hubby just slept on the couch then went out side to do "MAN STUFF".  When our friends Josia and Tara came over Josia started messing around with the papers and decided to "build" a house for his wife.
Josia was really into the construction.  He built this very vibrant home with lovely argyle window shutters. 
Cute huh?
I guess this got my hubby interested so he decided to make his take on Christmas decor.  He chose to make a Christmas tree and wanted everyone to know how to cut one down too.
See its cute! Look at it from another angle.
You see it right?  The chain saw? 
He even made it orange like the one he has.  To make it more authentic looking he added black glitter for the chain.

Does your Hubby craft??

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Mantle

Finally 3 days before Christmas I managed to get my mantle decorated.  I went simple this year.
Pardon the photos.  It looked really great in real life.
I made the wreath with some extra decorations I had from the Christmas tea this year.
I purchased the lamps from K-Mart and filled them with tiny ornaments.  I usually have a star above my mantle so I just changed it to a blue one.
These lanterns are functional. After Christmas I will remove the ornaments they are oil lamps and they will be nice when the power goes out.
Yes a really bad photo. I know.  I purchased these three Santas a few years ago at the Dollar tree and I LOVE them.  I used some battery operated lights I bought at IKEA and stick them in to the Santas.  They give a really nice effect in person.
Next year I will do more decorating but this year it seems like Christmas just came too early!

Happy Birthday Jesus!

I wish you all a Joyous Christmas.
May your day be filled with the love of Jesus.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Gift For Me

Guess what is under my tree???
 Can you see it??  Lets look a little closer shall we.
 Oh yes your eyes do not deceive you I got my Silhouette today!  Yay!
Remember I won a giveaway over at  Just a Girl.  I was so excited when Chris Posted the winner and it was me!  You can read that post HERE
Well I thought you would like to share in the experience of opening the box with me so here we go.
 Oh look papers and stuff!  Lets open the zipper bag shall we?
 Ooo! Ahh! cutting mats instructions necessary cords and AWESOME a $10 download card for the Silhouette Store!
 Really I am not sure if I can take anymore it is so neat.  Well maybe a little more!  Whats under the wrapping???
 Look at her!  Yes I said her.  If every man refers to cars, and power tools as Her I am gonna refer to my Silhouette as her too!  Does that mean hers are better than hims???  Well we will ponder that another day!  Lets look at HER for a while.
 Oh so pretty and shiny.  Lets just say I have ideas galore running through my brain.
Believe me when I have time I am gonna hook this baby up and give her a test drive!  Stay tuned for those projects!

A HUGE Thank You Chris @ Just a Girl  and the wonderful Silhouette people!
Thank you Thank you Thank you

Monday, December 20, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Gifts!

If you need a last minute Christmas gift be sure to check out my Etsy! 
I have great printables that can be personalized.  All you need is a printer and a frame! 

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After the 23rd I will not be able to get the printable to you before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Lights Wallpapers

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