Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Mantle

Finally 3 days before Christmas I managed to get my mantle decorated.  I went simple this year.
Pardon the photos.  It looked really great in real life.
I made the wreath with some extra decorations I had from the Christmas tea this year.
I purchased the lamps from K-Mart and filled them with tiny ornaments.  I usually have a star above my mantle so I just changed it to a blue one.
These lanterns are functional. After Christmas I will remove the ornaments they are oil lamps and they will be nice when the power goes out.
Yes a really bad photo. I know.  I purchased these three Santas a few years ago at the Dollar tree and I LOVE them.  I used some battery operated lights I bought at IKEA and stick them in to the Santas.  They give a really nice effect in person.
Next year I will do more decorating but this year it seems like Christmas just came too early!

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