Monday, January 25, 2010

Toilet Brush Anyone????

Seriously People!  How Do you lose a toilet Brush?? 
Today started out the norm.  You know I woke up 10 min before the kids had to be at school rushed to get them out the door then came home and decided I needed to clean.  Well not wanting to complicate things I thought to myself "look up a cleaning schedule online".  After hours of clicking here and there I decided on a schedule.  Bathroom was one of the rooms to clean for the day.  Well I assume everyone has a toilet in their bathrooms, I do.   So I guessed I would have to clean "IT" you know the toilet. 

Well I carefully ventured into the kids bathroom super excited and ready to clean my heart out. (well not exactly)  Anywho. . . What do I find??? No toilet brush!  The little holder thingie was there but no brush!  Really!  How do you loose a toilet brush?  I mean I understand a hairbrush.  You use one everyday on your hair sometimes you even take it into another room.  BUT THE TOILET BRUSH!  So I hopped in to my bathroom to grab the one I had in there and to my surprise NO TOILET BRUSH, not even a holder here. 

OKAY I know for a fact that no one in my household loves to clean the toilet so I know it is not hidden in hopes that they will be the only "Toilet cleaner person".  Oh so here I am with a dirty toilet thinking, "I can't clean the other rooms till the bathroom is done because that is the order on my new "CLEANING SCHEDULE" 
So maybe tomorrow I will buy a toilet brush and next week I can clean the bathroom on the specific day.

Well wish me luck on my new "cleaning kick"

Friday, January 22, 2010

Cute Valentines Day Hair

While Blog Browsing I found a great site for those of us with Girls!
The Story Of  A Princess and Her Hair.  She has Really cute Ideas!
Like Hairstyles For Valentines Day Click Here to see them
I used This Heart Ponytail one On Sunshine Today.  Her hair is not as long but I think it
Looks so cute.

I LOVE IT!  I need to buy smaller Hair bands but I am hooked.
With her directions It was so simple!
Go and Check it out for yourself!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentines Day Gift Card Holders

Update These print a bit small.  When you go to print set your printer to print at 110%.

The Christmas Gift card holders that I made were quite popular so I thought you may be interested in Valentines Day ones.  The printables are at the bottom of this post after the directions.  Just click on the picture to get the full size image then print and cut out.
I like to use Cardstock it makes them more sturdy and they hold up better if someone wants to reuse them.
After you cut it out score then fold.

You will need to glue or tape to close.

I used photo tabs, but I would recommend a glue pen of some sort it seems to hold better for me.

When done you can keep it simple or you can embellish it.
I used glitter and my trusty glue pen.

Below are the printable pages.  Again just click on the one you want to view it full size then print.

If you have any questions or need help with these please let me know.
Happy Crafting!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Come on Baby Light My Fire

A simple and easy project for that someone special.

I started with matches I found at the Dollar Tree.

They came 10 to a pack.

Unfold the cover.  I used my little sharp scissors to help pry it apart.

Trace out the shape leaving the striker pad off paper.
You don't want to cover it or you can't light the matches.

I then just folded my paper on the same creases the cover had.

Then just glue on.

I then measured the box portion and drew it on the back side of my paper.
I measured 2 3/16'' x 3 11/16.

I then centered the box on the paper and creased it.
Then I cut along the crease till I reached the box.

Glue the small tabs to the box then cover over and glue and tuck the large tab into the box.

You will end up with this.

See the striker is exposed.

I cut strips of cute paper to make a little slider thingie (no Idea what to call it)  to wrap around the box.
I made a template (if you can call it that) to put votive candles in.  Well long story short I ended up going HERE and having one made for me.  It is super easy just type in the dementions you want and viola!  To hold three votives I used W: 1.75" H: 4.5" and T: .7".  Remember this is a tuck box template so instead of opening the end you want to glue the ends and open from the top.
I purchased votives at the Dollar Tree also.
This is super easy and cheap to make.
You can even add a tag that says
"Come On Baby Light My Fire!"


Monday, January 18, 2010

My New Addiction

Have you ever knitted?  Well I started 3 years ago.  With my standard knitting needles.  I had a hard time because it took so long and I am an instant gratification  kinda gal.  Well long time NO MORE!  I have discovered the awesome Size 50 knitting needles.  Man these babies are great!

With needles this big you can knit an afghan in a day.
They are really BIG.  Let me show you.

Sunshine volunteered to show you all just how big these things are.

Sunshine and Moonshine call them my weapons.

Well you get the idea these things are livin' LARGE!
I work quickly wit them for Christmas I made 13 scarves and used some for stocking stuffers.
Here are a few I still have.

I am not a professional knitter but it seemed like everyone was happy with their gifts.