Monday, January 18, 2010

My New Addiction

Have you ever knitted?  Well I started 3 years ago.  With my standard knitting needles.  I had a hard time because it took so long and I am an instant gratification  kinda gal.  Well long time NO MORE!  I have discovered the awesome Size 50 knitting needles.  Man these babies are great!

With needles this big you can knit an afghan in a day.
They are really BIG.  Let me show you.

Sunshine volunteered to show you all just how big these things are.

Sunshine and Moonshine call them my weapons.

Well you get the idea these things are livin' LARGE!
I work quickly wit them for Christmas I made 13 scarves and used some for stocking stuffers.
Here are a few I still have.

I am not a professional knitter but it seemed like everyone was happy with their gifts.


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