Monday, January 25, 2010

Toilet Brush Anyone????

Seriously People!  How Do you lose a toilet Brush?? 
Today started out the norm.  You know I woke up 10 min before the kids had to be at school rushed to get them out the door then came home and decided I needed to clean.  Well not wanting to complicate things I thought to myself "look up a cleaning schedule online".  After hours of clicking here and there I decided on a schedule.  Bathroom was one of the rooms to clean for the day.  Well I assume everyone has a toilet in their bathrooms, I do.   So I guessed I would have to clean "IT" you know the toilet. 

Well I carefully ventured into the kids bathroom super excited and ready to clean my heart out. (well not exactly)  Anywho. . . What do I find??? No toilet brush!  The little holder thingie was there but no brush!  Really!  How do you loose a toilet brush?  I mean I understand a hairbrush.  You use one everyday on your hair sometimes you even take it into another room.  BUT THE TOILET BRUSH!  So I hopped in to my bathroom to grab the one I had in there and to my surprise NO TOILET BRUSH, not even a holder here. 

OKAY I know for a fact that no one in my household loves to clean the toilet so I know it is not hidden in hopes that they will be the only "Toilet cleaner person".  Oh so here I am with a dirty toilet thinking, "I can't clean the other rooms till the bathroom is done because that is the order on my new "CLEANING SCHEDULE" 
So maybe tomorrow I will buy a toilet brush and next week I can clean the bathroom on the specific day.

Well wish me luck on my new "cleaning kick"

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