Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Starts Monday!

Looking around blog land I see school started already for a lot of you.  Thankfully I had an extra couple weeks to prepare.  The other good thing about starting later is I get to see all the cool ideas everyone comes up with!   I saw this Calculator Teacher gift Idea over at eighteen25.
They found a Giant calculator and it turned out great!  I am sure there are some happy teachers at their kids schools!
I created my own version using smaller calculators I found at the Dollar Store.
We also bought some pencils, crayons and colored pencils to give to the teachers.
They turned out cute but I think the jumbo calculators would have made a BIGGER statement.
We changed the message a little for each teacher.

What have you all been making lately?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Home Again

We are back from our wonderful trip to Montana.  We had a great time and my Moonshine even turned 9 while we were there.  We drove straight through to get home so 19 hours later we made it.  I am still trying to recover.  Working on the garage still and trying to get it done before the kids have to go back to school.  Here is a printable I made because I missed my Hubby while I was gone.  Hope you like it!


Background scroll from the Graphics fairy


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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Drive & Save The Date Cards

 I woke up at 4am packed up the last of what we needed for the trip, picked up my mom, Met Hubby at the gas station for the stuff I forgot and was leaving town at 5am.  Really not bad for a NON-MORNING person.  Miraculously 10 hours later we were in Salt Lake City!  the drive went really well and I have to brag that I drove the whole way!  I will be having my mom drive some tomorrow.  Well enough about me lets talk save the date.

I had the honor of helping my niece Becca design her save the date cards for her wedding.  She wanted something not too fancy and she requested brown, turquoise and sunflowers.  Here is what we decided on.
I think they turned out super great!   It is crazy to even think about this little(okay 20year old) girl getting married just 12 years ago she was a flower girl in my wedding.  Sweet as can be walking down my isle now she will be walking down one of her own.  Dang!  I feel old.  
I think Save the Date cards are a cute idea to let people know ahead of time.  Ya know to save up money for the wedding present!  HA HA!
Did you have Save the date cards?

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Almost Done Organization

and making the "save the date" cards for my niece.  I am so excited about them I will be showing you all those hopefully tomorrow if my hotel has WiFi.So today was crazy getting ready for our trip, picking up some great new couches, helping a friend load a u haul  So since I said I would here are some photos of the ALMOST done Organization Unit. 
Remember what the garage looked like??
Yes you should be scared!
Whose CRAP Treasure is this?
Seriously I don't even want to talk about the whole village of mice I had to evict!  Icky poo poo!
Yeah still a bunch of treasure but just in the middle.  Just waiting for a proper home.  In this. . .
I promise to take better pictures after it is all done Hubby has to get self leveling hinges and then he will finish with the doors.  Then I need a to get some kind of bin for the cubbies.
Seriously I am married to the best man ever!  I drive him crazy and he still builds me stuff!  Tell you what he made a mistake building me a house because now I know what he can do!  There is no end to what I can think of for him to make.  (evil laugh)
I moved my pantry's to the other side of the garage and I think they look great!  Just pay no attention to the junk on either side. Eventually it will look BOMB!  (oh yeah Sista a little ghetto commin' out!)
And if you saw earlier I mentioned couches here is a sneak peak!
Really they will look BOMB when they are in the room.  Just you wait!
Okay need to leave really early to start my drive so I am off to bed and hopefully I will be able to sleep.  I hate those "big trip in the morning cant sleep a wink" nights.

Ta Ta for now.  Hopefully I will post from Salt Lake City tomorrow!

xo xo

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vanilla Wafers to Die For!

Hey there everyone!  I have been super busy the last two weeks running like a chicken with my head cut off.  The kids my Mom & I will be leaving Saturday morning heading to Montana.  We are going to visit my Aunt.  I am having a hard time because my Hubby is not able to take time off work to go.  I mean a family vacation should include the Head of the home.  Right?  

 I set the hubby up though.  I made him some whole wheat bread, some rosemary bread, banana bread, chocolate chip muffins, two pans of Lasagna and Sunshine made Homemade whole wheat Vanilla Wafers.  I guess with all those carbs I am kinda hoping he will finally weigh more than me!  (A girl can dream can't she?)

Well back to the vanilla wafers!  These are amazing!  I found the RECIPE at Heavenly Homemakers.  Laura has a great blog she is the mother of 4 boys!  Seriously I can't keep up with only 2 kiddos.  I don't know how she does it.  

Okay really you need to try this recipe!  I had to shorten the recommended cooking time but everything else was flawless for me.  We really do eat a whole tray before they even get in the cookie jar. 

My Organization system is almost done.  We just need to get different hinges and baskets for the cubbies and it will be complete!  I will post almost done photos tomorrow!  We are so close and my hubby has done a wonderful job building it.