Saturday, August 7, 2010

Long Drive & Save The Date Cards

 I woke up at 4am packed up the last of what we needed for the trip, picked up my mom, Met Hubby at the gas station for the stuff I forgot and was leaving town at 5am.  Really not bad for a NON-MORNING person.  Miraculously 10 hours later we were in Salt Lake City!  the drive went really well and I have to brag that I drove the whole way!  I will be having my mom drive some tomorrow.  Well enough about me lets talk save the date.

I had the honor of helping my niece Becca design her save the date cards for her wedding.  She wanted something not too fancy and she requested brown, turquoise and sunflowers.  Here is what we decided on.
I think they turned out super great!   It is crazy to even think about this little(okay 20year old) girl getting married just 12 years ago she was a flower girl in my wedding.  Sweet as can be walking down my isle now she will be walking down one of her own.  Dang!  I feel old.  
I think Save the Date cards are a cute idea to let people know ahead of time.  Ya know to save up money for the wedding present!  HA HA!
Did you have Save the date cards?

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