Friday, August 6, 2010

My Almost Done Organization

and making the "save the date" cards for my niece.  I am so excited about them I will be showing you all those hopefully tomorrow if my hotel has WiFi.So today was crazy getting ready for our trip, picking up some great new couches, helping a friend load a u haul  So since I said I would here are some photos of the ALMOST done Organization Unit. 
Remember what the garage looked like??
Yes you should be scared!
Whose CRAP Treasure is this?
Seriously I don't even want to talk about the whole village of mice I had to evict!  Icky poo poo!
Yeah still a bunch of treasure but just in the middle.  Just waiting for a proper home.  In this. . .
I promise to take better pictures after it is all done Hubby has to get self leveling hinges and then he will finish with the doors.  Then I need a to get some kind of bin for the cubbies.
Seriously I am married to the best man ever!  I drive him crazy and he still builds me stuff!  Tell you what he made a mistake building me a house because now I know what he can do!  There is no end to what I can think of for him to make.  (evil laugh)
I moved my pantry's to the other side of the garage and I think they look great!  Just pay no attention to the junk on either side. Eventually it will look BOMB!  (oh yeah Sista a little ghetto commin' out!)
And if you saw earlier I mentioned couches here is a sneak peak!
Really they will look BOMB when they are in the room.  Just you wait!
Okay need to leave really early to start my drive so I am off to bed and hopefully I will be able to sleep.  I hate those "big trip in the morning cant sleep a wink" nights.

Ta Ta for now.  Hopefully I will post from Salt Lake City tomorrow!

xo xo

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