Friday, January 8, 2010

Cork + Frame = Fun


I am so embarrassed to say I forgot to take a before photo.  I hate that!
Alright imagine a medium tone wood frame with a strip of funky ribbon around it and
a not so pro paint by numbers horse painting. I think that about sums it up.
Now imagine BLACK spray paint.  Well I'll just show you.
This is of course the after.  Here is how I did it.

Frame and Cork.

I used cork Shelf liner.

I had to decide on the trim.  I love the first one but chose the white.

I always knew pizza was good for more than that 10 lbs on my thighs.
I cut the cardboard to fit the frame.

Then I cut the cork to size.

I then stuck to cork to the cardboard.  I did this step twice
using two sheets of the cork to make it a little thicker.

Make sure you tell your husband why you have the cardboard on the counter
My DH decided to take notes on mine. No worries this will be on the back but I
am still planning to cover it with a nice "made by" label.

I glued the trim on with my trusty glue gun.  Small but MIGHTY.

Now I need thumb tacks.  A few scrapbook supplies will do.

I cut the tabs off the brads.

added the sticker letter.

Hot glue was not an option for me it usually doesn't work on metal.
I just used super glue and let it dry.

Don't you "LOVE" them??

I made them in black too!

So easy!  Happy Crafting!

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