Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Christmas Gift For Me

Guess what is under my tree???
 Can you see it??  Lets look a little closer shall we.
 Oh yes your eyes do not deceive you I got my Silhouette today!  Yay!
Remember I won a giveaway over at  Just a Girl.  I was so excited when Chris Posted the winner and it was me!  You can read that post HERE
Well I thought you would like to share in the experience of opening the box with me so here we go.
 Oh look papers and stuff!  Lets open the zipper bag shall we?
 Ooo! Ahh! cutting mats instructions necessary cords and AWESOME a $10 download card for the Silhouette Store!
 Really I am not sure if I can take anymore it is so neat.  Well maybe a little more!  Whats under the wrapping???
 Look at her!  Yes I said her.  If every man refers to cars, and power tools as Her I am gonna refer to my Silhouette as her too!  Does that mean hers are better than hims???  Well we will ponder that another day!  Lets look at HER for a while.
 Oh so pretty and shiny.  Lets just say I have ideas galore running through my brain.
Believe me when I have time I am gonna hook this baby up and give her a test drive!  Stay tuned for those projects!

A HUGE Thank You Chris @ Just a Girl  and the wonderful Silhouette people!
Thank you Thank you Thank you

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