Friday, December 12, 2008

How To Track Santa's Journey Around The World

How To Track Santa's Journey Around The World

Santa Claus may have a tough time getting through stormy weather around the world on Christmas Eve, but it appears as though the jolly old elf and his crew of reindeer should experience relatively smooth sailing across southern Ontario.

It may be hard to get your youngsters into bed at a decent hour, but before they hit the sack you can log on to a few websites to show them St. Nick's progress around the world. Tracking Santa's travels may prompt them to get some Zzz's before he lands on your rooftop.

The North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) website will provide up-to-date info on Santa's whereabouts on the big night.

The organization has been tracking St. Nick's sleigh for the last 50 years. Officials use the North Warning System, which has 47 installations across the northern border of North America to check when Santa and his team depart from the North Pole.

To check out NORAD's Tracks Santa site,visit

To see Norad track santa Pictures last year (2007) ,visit

NASA also has a website dedicated to tracking the movements of the big guy in red.

The space agency also announced that its Debris Imaging Radar system, recently used in the Discovery mission, will be made available to Santa should he need it on the 24th.

Kids can listen to messages from Santa on his special sleigh phone and check out his positions as he makes his journey around the world on the 24th at The elves at the North Pole have positioned cameras across the globe so you can see exactly where he is and this site also allows you to watch St. Nick and the reindeer take off from the North Pole.

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