Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Four Dollars to Fancy

Sorry I have been MIA  I have been busy the kiddos switched from a public school to a Private Christian school and there has been a lot of change for me to deal with.  Then my office was torn up to put a new wall unit in (it is wonderful)  I will post that later as well.

I know we have all seen the dollar tree project with candle sticks and holders glued together so when I saw these black metal votive holders I finally decided it was time for me to give it a shot!

They were cute as they were I can imagine with the tea light lit there would be light dancing through the little holes.  But I saw these glass vase thingies right next to the votive holders and thought this could be so much more.
These are great and what a nice big size.  I love the things that can be found at the Dollar Store!

I got out my trusty Super glue which can also be bought at the dollar tree and came up with. . . 

THESE!  Whatcha think??  Super cute huh?
Here they are looking super Glam on my mantle.

So I know I said Four dollars to Fancy but if you have to buy the glue it would be
Five dollars to Foo Foo! 
Happy Crafting!
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