Friday, November 12, 2010

Fairy Birthday Food n Fun

 The Fairy Party was great fun!  We had a lot of fun making the theme food too!  We had egg mushrooms they were hard boiled eggs with half a roma tomato on top sprinkled with feta cheese.  We made Mushroom cake bites that were soooo cute and yummy too.  Granola was called pixie pebbles, we had woodland Strawberry Magicaide, Fairy berries, mixed Forest Nuts, Marshmallow on sticks were Pixie Puffs.  Carri did a great job with the fun names.

The party gift boxes were super cute with the glittery dots and al the fun stuff inside.

 I made a printable banner for Kylee.
 We hung woodland wreaths and mason jars with tea lights.

 This is what the centerpiece looked like.
 Sunshine dressed up like a fairy.
 The mushrooms were cookies Carri made.  People thought they were real Mushrooms. I hope you are inspired to make your own Woodland Fairy party.  It was a blast!

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