Monday, November 29, 2010

Silhouette Winner. . . ME!

So really when you enter all those Silhouette giveaways with all the 238 bajillion other people do you really think you are gonna win???  Well I really don't!  I mean me outta like
552 bajillion people yeah right! 
I won!!!!!
(woha lets try that picture again this time without the double chin!)
(Okay that's a lil better!) Now where was i? . . . 
Oh yeah You read it right. . .
I WON over at Just A Girl!
One of these!
It all started like any other night.  I finally went to bed around 11:30.  But then I laid there and played games on the iphone.  Not able to sleep I decided to get up at around 1:45am and do a little laundry.  Having to walk through the office to get to the laundry room I saw the computer.  It called out to me, "Tara check your google reader and email maybe even some meaningless searching for swagbucks!"  Well I was not about to fall for that old trick of getting on the computer and staying up all night!(well the rest of the night)  SO I just shuffled right on by with the laundry.  Ha Ha I showed the computer who's boss!  Well then on the way back this crazy thing happened. I found myself in the office chair sitting in front of the computer with the mouse in my hand!  Really!  So I decided since I was already sitting here I would look at my Google Reader.  I noticed a few Silhouette winners being announced on a few blogs and to my surprise I saw the name Tara at Just a Girl.  Well not to get too carried away I figured it was another Tara Because I have noticed a lot of us in Blogland lately!  Well then scrolling down I saw my blog header! Then I peed my pants!  okay not really but I could have!  Well if I tried.  Okay maybe not but I was EXCITED!  Thank You so much Chris!
We sure could have used it this weekend while making These

 More on these projects later!  I need to try and sleep this staying up all night is not for me!


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