Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Drama Gong

Drama Gong is a form of Balinese performing arts are still relatively young age created by combining elements of modern drama (non-traditional Balinese) with elements of traditional Balinese arts. In many ways Drama Gong is a mixture of elements of the modern theater (the West) with a traditional theater (Bali). Drama Gong name given to this art because in every move the players and transitional atmosphere accompanied by a gamelan dramatic Gong (Gong Kebyar).

The players wear traditional Balinese, according to the level of the social status of the roles performed and every move the players, as well as dramatic changes in the theater atmosphere accompanied by gamelan rhythm changes Kebyar Gong. Communities Bali Gong staged a drama for the connection with religious ceremonies and social activities and interests. Nevertheless, Drama Gong including secular art that can be performed where and at any time as required.

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