Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tari Gambuh

Tari Gambuh / Gambuh Dance is Bali Drama Dance that considered the highest quality, a Balinese Classical Dance Drama of the most rich in dance movements and is considered the source of all types of classical Balinese dance, theater Gambuh total shape inside which there are elements of dance (most dominant), the art of sound , art literature,, art drama and others. In Bali Gambuh allegedly arose about a century of xv with rooted in Panji story.

Gambuh performances made in connection with major ceremonies like the temple ceremony is conducted on a large scale (temple ceremony that accompanied the madana ceremony ), marriage ceremony nobility, cremation ceremony(Ngaben) and others. Gambuh accompanied by a barreled gambelan Pelog Pagambuhan pitu saih, the characters are usually displayed is: Leaning arguing points out, Princess, Arja, Panji (Patih Sweet), Regent Hardware (Perabangsa), Demat Tomonggong, Turas, Panasar and King. Gambuh is still active today can be found in the village of Batuan (Gianyar), Padang Aji (Karangasem) Apit Yeh (Tabanan) and Singapadu (Gianyar).

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