Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sendratari / Seni Drama Tari

Sendratari / Seni Drama Tari (Ballet / dance drama art) is essentially the result of modern artists creativity through re-processing elements of art and cultural forms that already exist. As is the case in Java where Sendratari was formed by the elements of Wayang Wong and Wayang Kulit, in Bali Sendratari in shape by combining elements Footnotes, Pegambuhan, Pelegongan and Kekebyaran.

Growth of sendratari / ballet in Bali, begins with works featuring plays from Balinese folklore - Jayaprana. A few years later, came many sendratari play of chronicle / history of Bali, as well as folk tales from the outside but was well known among the people of Bali. The birth of a play or dance these modern dramatari received quite warmly by the public.

Based on the number of dancers, sendratari / ballet in Bali would be divided into two types of small ballet (usually performed by 10 to 25 dancers, as happened between 1960 to 1970) and Ballet colossal or large (usually involving between 50 to 150 dancers, as happened in the sendratari is presented in the arena of Bali Art Festival).

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