Thursday, October 29, 2009

Haloween Treats

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So this year I thought maybe it would be a good idea to get treats for my sweet Sunshine and Moonshine classes that were not sweets. (know what I mean?)  At Costco they had the Halloween Pop Corn such a great treat.  I was also hoping that there would be some extra bags left for me to eat all by myself  my children.  Okay me being me I could not let the children hand out the treats in the original form.  No that would not do.  So I looked over at The Graphics Fairy and found so me really cute graphics. (of course)  I used the graphics in a graphics program and added text in the Bleeding Cowboys Font which you can download Here

This is what I came up with.  I put two to a sheet and then just cut the sheet in half.  They turned out pretty well.  Just remember if you have two kids you have to change who they are from before you print.  My son almost had half his class done in treats saying they were from his sister.  Live and learn.

You can make it blank instead of putting the recipients name.  I made a few of these because he could not remember all the names of the kids in class.


We had fun and I think they all turned out great.  I know this is kind of late to post as an idea but I only did it last night and I know there are more procrastinators like me out there!  You still have time!

Happy Halloween!

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