Sunday, November 1, 2009

Are you ever just tired???

Okay I get excited about Halloween.  It is fun to get ready by getting the kids costumes and decorating but when it is over I am kind of glad it is another year away.  So her is the break down for you.  We are invited to a party every year.  I make a dessert every year.  This year I was asked to make a pumpkin cake. So sure I said NO WAY IN HECK! Oh I would love to!  Here is the process in photos.

Two bunt cakes one upside down and one on top.

Lovely orange frosting. This is where it gets crazy.  I decide to add green.  Remember use strong ziplock bags.

No the GIANT green glob is not a leaf!  The bag I was using exploded out the side.  The worst part is this was the second time!!!  I had already scraped a HUGE green blob off and recovered with orange frosting.  I put the green in another baggie and POP again out the side on to my beautiful cake.

I decided no more messing around.  Just use a huge ziplock cuz Gallon is all I had.  Third times a charm!

About the time I was doing a happy dance claiming victory over the green frosting I get a call. . . Wonderful hostess is sick with fever and party canceled! I feel really bad for her but what am I to do???  This is two count it two cake mixes.  I cannot be trusted with cake in my home.  I will tell my children that it is bad for them and they will go to school.  Then I will try to save them from the evil cake by eating it all myself!  Well we cannot let this happen.  We ended up taking the cake trick or treating with us and gave slices to friends and family we visited.

We each had little slices.  At the mom in laws we took a photo opp. Here we are in all out glory!

Yes I am an elf!  Don't ASK!  Lets just say after going from place to place and getting home at 11pm I was glad to see the door and know my bed was close by.


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