Monday, November 16, 2009

Pretty Foo Foo.

I picked these candle sticks up at the local thrift store about a month ago.  Usually I would not want to spend $11 on candle sticks but I saw their potential.  Hey, they even had potential I did not see.

So as cute as they were the colors did not really "GO" with my current design style.  So a couple coats from my favorite black spray paint.  It is my favorite not because of the Black color but because it only costs .98cents.  That's what I call a good deal.

Better in Black??  While I was spray painting I noticed that there were holes on the tips of the leaf? thingies?? (that would be the potential I did not see)  Okay have no Idea what they are but there were holes on them and I thought OH!  Great for crystals! Being Cheap, I was appalled at the prices at the Craft store on the teardrop type so I went with a more cost effective route.

these were $3.99 for a whole bunch and I put them together small big small and attached them to the holes.
Then I noticed on the small candle stick 2 Leaf thingies were broken. I thought  Be still my heart you mean these things I bought were broken!!  Oh well they were cheap.  I proceeded to get my glue gun then I thought that takes too much time.  So I grabbed a glue stick and the lighter thing my DH uses for the fire.  I know it is sounding scary but no need to cover your eyes or call the fire dept.  I just glued the crystals to the broken parts.

I am very happy with the finished project.  What?  you say there were three candle holders?  Yes there still are I just was so excited to blog about this I only did 2.  So now I am off the finish the third.
Happy Crafting!
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