Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Christmas Anyone?

I know.  I know.  I should be shot for even saying the word this early.  I am only bringing it up for the simple fact that it is a good time to start making your list if you have not already.  No! Not the list of what you want.  The list of what you need to get for others.  I was laid off about a month ago and my DH's side construction business is DEAD DEAD DEAD a little slow right now.  We are blessed that we can manage our monthly's just fine if we are a little more careful with spending.  God has always provided and this time is no different.  I am trying to make quite a few presents this year.  Some things I have already purchased have mysteriously ended up in my home as decorations.  OOPS!  So Here are some of the items I purchased. 

Okay the mantle still needs work but the gold frame was $2.  LOVE IT!  the green pumpkins were .74cents each, smaller black star from dollar tree I sprayed it black.  My most favorite the green candle holder.  When I saw it I said What on earth is that! kinda cute.  Then I saw the $.25cent tag and was like oh yeah baby your coming home with me!  Funny how sometimes the price of an item changes what it looks like.

My finds.

Candle holder $0.25 Cute white plate $1.00.

creamer and sugar for our church Christmas tea $1.00 each.

Two yards $0.25

Small frame in back $.50  and larger one $.25.
All and all a good day!
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