Monday, May 17, 2010

Teacher Survival Boxes

We had another teacher appreciation week at the kids school.
I saw this great tutorial @ eighteen25   Jennifer, Jamie & Jodie have a great blog! Go check it out! They made the cutest Box of Teacher Goodies.  I was inspired.   Now the one they made had the cutest matching foo foo's inside.  Mine is a little simpler. 
I stopped by my local .99 cent store and this is what I got.

Sticky notes, paper clips, white out, pens, thumb tacks, chocolate,  
(not pictured hand sanitizer, Tylenol, and drink packets) 

The boxes I found had removable thingies so I could make everything fit just right.  
(I did change the pens these ones were cuter and fit a little better)

I used mod podge to add cute paper to the clips.
This one was for Moonshines Teacher.
(you may see the paper has bubbled up.  This happens to me often when I mod podge.  Do not worry!  After it fully dries it will lay  flat)
This one was for Sunshines Teacher. 
I hope you are inspired to try something new for your children's teachers this year!
If you have not seen my previous teacher post
you can check it out here 
Happy Crafting!

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