Monday, June 21, 2010

An Award for lil ol ME?

Wow how sweet Heather from Straight Stitches gave me a lovely award.  Wanna see it?? 
 See it is pretty huh?  That was so nice of Heather!

So, to accept this award: I have to do 3 things.

One: thank the person who gave me this award.
Thank you so much Heather! Go check her out at her lovely blog Straight Stitches
Two: share 7 things about myself. Here it goes!
  • I am the most unorganized person on planet earth
  • I love making home made bread. yummy!
  • I was a strawberry blond but my hair turned blond. (not gray! blond)
  • I have 27 animals.   No not a hoarder!  We have  21 chickens, 1 llama, 2 dogs, 1 cow, and 2 horses. And if you count the kids that makes 29!  Ha
  • I love Pepsi!  I am addicted to Pepsi!  Pepsi makes me happy! If I get stressed out a Pepsi always calms me down.
  • I have yet to get an iphone.
  • I am very interested in trying to grind wheat to make my own flour.
Well I hope this doesn't scare anyone.  You know I don't judge you Coke drinkers out there! lol 
Three: pass it onto the bloggers that I have recently discovered.
I love all these blogs and know you will enjoy them too.  Click and go check them out!


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