Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Oh the things I have seen! Rattle snakes and such.

As my profile says we live on 34 acres.  It is a beautiful piece of land with wonderful views of the valley.  We are truly blessed beyond measure to be able to live here but every once in a while I think a home in a well populated tract may be peaceful!  How ever the lack of screaming children, barking dogs, 12 cars at one home and neighbors looking in my back yard are other reasons I love where I live.

But we do have creatures!

like these
and these
even these
It is all part of living out of town.
I took my hubbys big dog to get shaved for the first time ever
(we usually do it our selves but finally got smart)
He looked so good!  Smelled so good! was smooth!  then that night he was sprayed by a skunk!  So yes we coexist with wildlife here.  I stood on the front porch and called my little dog to come and go potty but he would not come.  When I looked to my right I saw it!  You know it!
See it?  right behind my muck boot.
Here is a closer photo.
Oh yeah you know it!  A RATTLESNAKE!
Well I live in the country so I handled it the correct way and everything!

I ran screaming into the house, slammed the door and started yelling where's my phone!  Where's my phone!
My children came running and I did a few laps around the couch before I finally saw my phone on the counter.  I then called my hubby and told him there was a rattlesnake at the front door!  you know what he said???  Well do you?  He said, "Tara you are gonna have to kill it."  After I picked myself up off the floor I proceeded to let him know all the ways I was unqualified to do such a thing.  After a quick lesson in rattlesnake killing 101 I did venture out the back door to the front of the house all the while on the phone with hubby.  Well a failed attempt and some babyish screaming later my hubby to the rescue!
See his truck through the weeds?  He told me to stand guard and not let the snake get away!  Then he left the job he was on and came to save us all!
After my attempt the snake had crawled in a little crack in the concrete.  My Hubby had to pull it out then do the deed.
This is my hubby saving the world!  I never thought it could get worse but then there was this creature!  A murderer of fashion!

Yes!  It's Me!  I had not quite finished dressing at the time!
Oh it looks so bad!

In conclusion I would have to say that out of all the creatures I may be the scariest and I may not live in a neighborhood because I have been fully countrified!  Oh and I would probably get arrested by the fashion police!

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