Monday, April 12, 2010

From Picture to Perfect

I was in need of a Bulletin board to try and have some organization in our home.
I had a picture with a gold gilded frame, I had purchased when staging my parents house to sell.
For the placement of the finished frame I wanted it black.  Enter my trusty Black SPRAY PAINT.
Not at all a bad photo just not one I wanted.
I took the picture apart and sprayed the frame and interior piece gloss black.
Then I dug out some cork left over from another project.
This cork has a sticky side it is used to line a drawer with.
I peeled the backing paper off as I went.
then for the inside frame I printed out old sheet music I found with Google search.
I tore the edges for a non uniform look.
Rip and glue, rip and glue, rip and glue.  You get the idea.
I put it all back together but the white from where I tore the paper was a little to bold so I
got out my chalk and a trusty q-tip.
I rubbed the brown on the torn edges and it worked great!
So there you have it a fancy cork board message center that is supposed to help keep me organized.
This is great for the monthly calendar and the kids memory verses.
Thanks for looking and Happy Crafting!
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