Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank a Teacher Printable

(sorry if you are seeing this twice I am trying to get the print out working correctly)
This week at the kids School is Teacher Appreciation week.  I was super excited when I saw THESE great Water bottle Tag thingies. Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings has a wonderful tutorial HERE. Please go and check out her lovely blog for lots of great ideas and get a look at those two Blue eyed cuties she has.  I just had to make them! 
 Then I just had to make a printable version for everyone!
Here is the printable version
I really LOVE how these turned out.
Click on the picture below then download it from photobucket and print.
What you will need
  • Paper Cardstock or plain copy paper
  • Scissors
  • Staples or Brads
  • Glue Stick
Water bottle tagsCut out the one you want to use.  And the title you want. I have made some blank ones so you can add your own message if you want.
 Fold the bottom up where the color starts and the top back.
It should look like this.
This is where you glue your saying on.
It should fit perfect but if it is a little off just trim it up.
See! It is looking good!  Now we  need to cut the circle.
Use your scissors or blade knife to cut the X.
Then snip the pieces out.
Then you need to fasten the bottom pocket part up.  You can use cute brads, eyelets and ribbon or just staples.  
I hope you enjoyed this and have fun making these!
Happy Crafting!
Remember I LOVE Comments. 
(you know the NICE ones!)

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