Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Tea

For the last five years our Church has hosted a Christmas Tea.  I have been a table hostess the last two.  My table was not "traditional Christmas" I based it on the colors from my Laura Ashley Petite Fleur Place settings.
So I decorated the table in Pinks, Greens and a little blue.  I used pretty plastic snowflakes from the Dollar tree as chargers.  I did this last year also and a few people thought it was a cute idea and this year there were two other tables that did the same.  One had a black table cloth and the snowflakes really popped! (that photo is further down.)

I found these plates at the thrift store and was trying to get the whole 8 place settings for $35 it was in two boxes and the lady said $35 a box.  I cringed at the $70 price but had already fell in love.

I have since found out this set has been discontinued and am no longer sorry to have paid what I did.  If I purchased the same from Replacements Ltd. it would be well over $800.  I also found them on ebay and someone is selling  Four 5 piece place setting for $130 plus tax. Needless to say I am happy with my purchase.

Each of my guests had pearl bracelets as napkin holders that they took home.  They also had personalized name cards that could be used as ornaments and they were able to keep the ornament place card holder and glass votive holder.  It makes me happy to send them away with little gifts.
I made little mini cupcakes and boxes with windows for each place setting.

I think they turned out really cute.  I just used a little box template and then cut the window and used a ziploc bag for the window.  The box template I used can be found here. This is great you can specify the exact size you need and it will make the template for you to print.  my box was 2x2x2.

This was my center piece.  The following were some more of the beautiful table at the Tea.
See the snowflake charger.  Isn't it pretty!

More Snowflake Chargers.

My friends did this cute cupcake table.

My other friend did this cute table with topiary's and lights. 

Purple is my favorite color!  So pretty!
Well that was my day on Saturday a lovely Tea.
This can be done at your own home with a few friends.  Don't forget to spend time with family and friends.  That is what the good china is for!

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