Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Traditions

I really do love traditions.  I really like making new ones too!  Two years ago after Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun to make wreaths.  So I bought all the supplies and a new Tradition was born.  This year we had Thanksgiving at my home and we made wreaths again.  I used the instructions from Eddie Ross HERE

we needed lots of ornaments.

Some bells and ribbon

We decided to let Moonshine and Sunshine start first.

Sunshine sticks out her tongue when she works.  She gets that from her Poppa K.

Stringing on the ornaments.
Here is where the finished product's would be but I forgot to take the picture and now my camera battery has died and I have to buy a new one today.
Cutting the hangers.  (wow now I know why I don't like pictures of me)

Hubby bending hangers into circles. (don't tell him I posted this pic.) He just got back from a backhoe job when I asked him to help me.

My Mommy attaching the strings to all the bells.

I had to glue the tops on the ornaments because after the kids did theirs I noticed they came off too easily.
(Who the heck bought all these ornaments!)

We formed an assembly line.  everyone opened the ornaments and cut the strings then handed
them to me to glue. My Bro and his wife Bunny (yeah code name) She really is happy please refer to next photo.

See Happy Bunny!

My Auntie Mo.  She is happy too!

See all happy people!

More Happy people!

Trying to figure out where the bow should go.

Oh yeah Beauty of a wreath! Aunt Mo did a great job!

Sunshine showing her handy work!

She made a second one for Mrs. J (Brothers Mother in Law)  We are so glad she came to visit!

The wreaths are beautiful!  No really they are having a great time!  Please look at photo below for proof.

And while we were HAPPY PEOPLE DOING HAPPY THINGS the rest were

 Yeah you guessed it  SLEEPING  in a HAPPY way!
I will add my and the kids finished Wreath photos today after I get the battery for poor old camera.

Next time we will do ornaments you can only have so many wreaths. 

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