Friday, December 18, 2009

Ovaltine and christmas cookies?

Okay Seriously ovaltine and cookies may be good but I am talking about the can!

Not so beautiful in the raw but with a little attention it can be Great!

I started off with a piece of cardstock the size I wanted then traced around it.

I then covered the can with a paper that I filled with images from the Graphics Fairy 

When that is done you need to cut out where the hole is.

An X works best for me.

I glued and tucked the paper inside the can.

I needed a window so the cookies would not fall out so I used a plastic bag cut to size and glued on the inside.

Fill with cookies and you have a great gift container!
I also embellished the lid. Add a bow and the gift is ready.

Here are some other lids one is for a cool whip container and one for a hot cocoa container.  Hey if it can be washed it can be reused!

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