Saturday, December 5, 2009

Monthly Chore Decor Jars

I have not been the best at follow through with the chores and my children.  So I thought a little cash would help keep them on track.  We are starting out the month with each one having $10 in quarters.  Here is what the chore jar looks like.

This one is Sunshines

  This one is Moonshines.
So the kids only get paid for chores done.  They start with $10 because I pay for the whole month.  If chores do not get done I take a quarter.  Here is my jar.

Yes I needed a jar too.  Purple is my favorite color so that would be why the bow doesn't match.
At the end of the month
we will count all the money left in the Chore jar and then 10% goes to tithe

20% goes to savings.

What ever is left they put in their wallet.
Seems like a good Idea!  We will see if it works out or not.
Here are the complete sets.

Thanks for looking!
Check back Monday for the photos of our Christmas tea. You won't want to miss it.

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