Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Birthday Prep

First let me show you our inspiration.  Sunshine found these at the Dollar tree and we decided to use these for our inspiration colors.  Sunshines favorite color is green.
 I want to do a candy bar so I pulled out my 3 tiered dish
Yeah the peach does not quite go.
Love the size and shape.
Enter my little friends Mr. Blue and Mrs. Green
As Emeril Lagasse would say BAM!
See! Pretty and ready to PAR-TAY!

We also went shopping on Sunday and gathered our supplies for the party. 
Items from Wal-Mart
Dollar Tree Items
Winco Stuff
(we picked through the bulk candy for blue taffy)

I actually took the bags with me and we referenced them frequently hoping to keep things close in color.

I will be making a traditional round cake because I am scared to do anything else.  I hate failure!  

I made the invites and will show those soon.

I have been busy.  What about you??

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