Thursday, February 17, 2011

how to NOT have a relaxing evening

#1  Start your bath.
#2  Light a candle
#3  Go check email
#4  Browse some lovely Blogs
#5  Read Devotions with your family.
#6  Remember you started the bath
#7  Yell "Oh Shoot!" & run down the hall
#8  Continue yelling tell husband to get the shop vac!
#9  Turn tub off and submerge arm to open drain.
#9  Start souping up the water with towels.
#10 Vacuum up the estimated 10 gallons of water from the floor.

Yes, I flooded my bathroom tonight.  Oh no, not just a little water.  There was about a half inch of water on the floor.  The only lucky thing is the floor is obviously not level so it had only gotten about 8 inches into the carpet in the room.  Lets just say tonight was not the most relaxing evening I have had.
I would like to say a BIG thanks to the worlds best Hubby.  He did not get mad at me.  He just got the shop vac and let me clean the most of the mess up then helped me.  

I think I will stop complaining about him getting the floor wet after his showers.  I may even forget about him leaving the toilet seat up! (for a little while)

How do you choose to NOT relax?

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