Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Red White & Blue Blankie

I am sure you all have some items that are special to you or bring back memories of the days gone by.  This blanket is one of those to me.
When Joe and I were dating we would sit at my parents house and cut out pieces of fabric one at a time.  I had found a quilt pattern I was excited about and as we were just dating he agreed to help cut fabric.

(I am thinking he would say no to the fabric cutting now.)  Seems like we sure do a lot to be with each other when we are dating but after 12+ years of marriage not so much of me watching him work on cars or him playing quilter!
Maybe it is just mostly not having the time for each other like we used to.  We do have two children who like our attention.
Well this was a trip down memory lane!
Linking to The Idea Room
Some great blankets are being shown over there go check them out!

Do you have something that brings fond memories
back to you?

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