Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mystery, detective, book birthday.

Well we had Sunshine's party and the kids all had so much fun!  First we ate then and watched a bit of the Nancy Drew movie.  then we played games.  One game was where they had to decode a secret message.  I gave them a key that had symbols matched with letters then they got a sheet of paper with the message written in symbols.  These are some pretty smart kids they decoded rather fast.
We played a game where I had pieces of paper in balloons they had to pop the balloons then put the pieces together like a puzzle to reveal a giant fingerprint.  
 It is kinda hard to pop balloons by sitting on them if you don't hold them down.  Guess the kids did not like the loud popping.
Did you see me in the top left corner?  Did I mention I am afraid of balloons??  Yeah!  Who's the dummy that came up with the game?  ME!
For the next game I gave the kids a paper with numbers on it and they had to use the birthday banner to get the letters and unscramble them to make a word.
I used 10-3-15-4-11
they would be

Unscrambled it was PARTY!

Then it was time for cake.
I forgot to take a photo of the cake when it was cut.  I made it 3 layers there was green then chocolate then blue.
We had blue and green candy and drinks.
Here is just a jumble of photos so you can get an idea.
 the white stuff is just white cotton candy in muffin liners.
The kids each got a detective notebook.
 Sunshine's lava lamp fit right in!

Next time I will remember to iron the backdrop!
Note to self wrinkles look BAD in photos!
I used two vases for the drinks.

 The best part is that Sunshine had a great time! 
She even matched her party.
My beautiful daughter is growing up.

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