Wednesday, July 28, 2010

California Fires

I live in Tehachapi  Ca. and it is the site of the West Fire.  We are thankful that the fire is on the other side of the valley but there are families that have lost it all.  

“I lost it all and some of my animals died,” said weary, red-eyed George Plesko at the evacuation center. “Mine’s burnt to the ground. I watched my 5,000 gallon tank burst open. I watched my house, my barn, my doolie trucks burn to the ground. I got out of there.”

We are on the list to take horses, cattle or any animal that needs pasture.  Unfortunately we cannot do much monetarily so we are offering what we can.  We are blessed that the Red Cross was on scene quickly and has shelter set up for the evacuees.  The fire crews came quickly as well and there are currently 800 fire personnel on scene.  
Please pray for the people who have lost homes and pray protection over the firefighters and all involved.   

My Hubby works for a local water district and was called to open some dip tanks yesterday and was awestruck at the devastation.  Sunshine cried when she heard and Moonshine offered to give his legos to the families.

This is not the only fire in Kern County There is also the Bull fire which has burned 15,982 acres so far.
As far as we know no one has been killed in either fire and pray that it stays that way.

I know this is not a usual post for me but I felt it important to post.

If you feel led you can also make donations to the Red Cross Kern County Chapter at their Web site
For Mobile Giving text RED CROSS to 90999 to make a $5 donation

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