Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Grandma Had them so I should too.

I was so excited when I stopped in the thrift store today and saw a complete set of Bible Story books. They were in perfect condition and they remind me of summers when I would visit my Grandparents.  My Grand mother would read to us sometimes before bed or throughout the day.  She had the set of these books and I am sure one of my Aunts has them now.  Hard back books are a $1 each but the girl decided to ask because she said childrens books were .25 cents each.  The nice lady that came back with her said that it was Gods word and she did not feel right charging for them.  So I took all 10 with me and left a $5.00 donation.  She was happy I was happy and my kids are excited to start reading them.  We all won!
 I also found this bamboo shaped green vase in another store for .25 cents.  I love the color and will be adding it to my small collection.

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