Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Week of Firsts

Okay I feel like the biggest baby on earth!  My wonderful Brother and his wife asked to take Sunshine for the week.  My Bro works at Girls Inc. it is a wonderful place that "Inspires all girls to be Strong, Smart and Bold"  that is their motto.  If you have girls they may like the Girls inc Web site with games, stories and such HERE.  
Okay it is kinda funny to see him in a shirt that says Girls Inc on the front and be strong, smart and bold on the back.  ha ha ha!  Well that is neither here nor there back to the point.  Sunshine is my girl my pretty, beautiful, smart and always with me girl.  She is gone!  For the whole WEEK!  I don't know how I let this happen. I had a little healthy bouncing baby girl and next thing I know she is 10 and gone for a week.  Needless to say I have to drink a lot of PEPSI to deal with this situation.
At least I still have Moonshine home with me.  Well until today!  My Bro in law called last night and asked if Moonshine would like to go fishing.  Seriously the nerve of family members!  Cant he see I am feeling lonely enough already!  Of course Moonshine was so excited! He has never been fishing and has wanted too for a long time. I told him 
it would break his mommas heart if he left me too  NO I told him I was so excited for him (and wiped the tears from my eyes) 
Hubby said I should be glad and moms always want time alone.  Then he winked and said, "I am still here and no one else is"  okay we all know where he was going with that!  I explained how I was now super excited to be alone and could he please go to work so I could bask in my aloneness! 
So that is me just here with my computer, Beth Moores book So Long Insecurity, my dog snoring in my lap and a 24 pack of PEPSI!  (things are looking up!)
Hope your day is Glorious and you get all the alone time you need! 
What do you do in your alone time?

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