Friday, July 23, 2010

Organization part 4

So I must say we have been a little busy this week.  On the weekend we Went to Disneyland then Hung out at the Beach with my Brother and Sis in law.  The Kids have had VBS all week and I need a nap!  My wonderful Hubby has a full time job then he also runs his own equipment business.  In the afternoons he works sometimes till dark.  He is a busy guy.
See that's him in the backhoe! 
On top of all that he is a great Dad a wonderful Husband and now working at being a storage solution builder.

This is where we are 
He has all the pieces perilously balanced up so he can paint them.
I am getting super excited because they are looking great!
Here are the doors and drawer fronts.

So hopefully soon I will be able to do the final reveal!
Oh yeah there is the whole mess in the garage to clean first!  It may take a little longer than planned.
Stay tuned!


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