Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kids Will Be Kids

We had one of those nights.  You know where you think "wow my family is a little off"

Moonshine:  You are a El Pollo Loco
Sunshine:  You are a Chick a Poo
Moonshine:  I'm never talking to you again!
Sunshine:  YES! I've been wanting you to say that for years!

Me:  I need a new pillow.  This one keeps getting flatter.
Hubby:  Maybe you could get a king size one.
Me: Why? We have a queen bed.
Hubby:  Uh because I like to use your pillow too.
Me: Use your own and I can get a regular sized one.
Hubby:  No. It needs to be bigger.  I don't like it when my head ends up in the crack between the pillows.  It is not convenient for me.
Me:  Why don't you just use your pillow?
Hubby:  Because I like yours.
Me: Then lets switch.
Hubby: No.  I like using it with you.

Not sure if I should even try to explain.


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